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More Than Just a Sectional

It’s about being better, doing more, and designing for life.

Sectional For Life

Junto Sectional is an innovative product that sets high bars for comfort, versatility and environmental care. There are endless layout possibilities that are sure to fit all spaces and meet your needs. Whether you're looking for an armchair or a full cinema couch, our sectionals can be arranged in any format you require. Easy to move and to assemble, your couch will be made with recycled fabrics and will arrive in eco-friendly boxes straight to your door!

Comfort That Saves The Planet

Junto Sectional is multifunctional, comfortable and eco-friendly. It can adapt to all spaces and be expanded from a single armchair to a spacious spot for a movie night with friends. This sofa transforms into whatever you need it to be! From the frame made with reforested wood to the recyclable packaging, Ecomfy is a smart choice that will be kind to the planet and look beautiful in your home.

Built to Last

Junto Sectionals are fashioned from top quality materials that are resistant and durable. From the robust frame to the covers made from recycled fabrics that are stain resistant and machine washable, Junto sectionals are meant to stay trendy and look brand new for years to come. 

We use only sustainable premium materials and superior craftsmanship - the result is visible: environmental safe couches that actually look beautiful and last for many years! Here's how we achieve it:

1. Keep your couch looking fresh and trendy with interchangeable covers (Many different colors and fabrics to choose from).

2. If your covers get damaged, you can order a new set in no time.

3. Machine washable covers keep your couch clean and fresh.

4. All components are replaceable (Frame, Back rest, Arm rests, Cushions and pillows).



It's our mission to make couches that are comfortable, durable and with a beautiful design - but not at the cost of our planet's biodiversity!  We are the manufacturers and therefore have the ability to produce unique, durable pieces using high-quality materials. This unique position means we can bring you beautiful, functional furniture at unrivaled value. 


We are a family business with a passion to produce the absolute best furniture for the last 26 years. After hearing feedback from our customers regarding functionality and practicality of couches, we set our minds on designing a sofa that is easy to assemble, easy to move and upgraded and that will require only a low level of maintenance. Along with that, we recently envisioned a better way to make sofas, which are sustainable but will still deliver on quality.  We came up with a couch in sectionals that is good for life! 

Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design

We work hard to ensure that our manufactured products are built and designed to last a lifetime. Ecomfy Couches are built with durable and robust frames and high quality interchangeable covers. Couches commonly found in the market have a short life and need to be replaced every few years due to the low quality of their construction as well as the wear and tear of the fabric. With our interchangeable and machine washable covers, once they’re used, ripped or stained, you can simply request a new set of covers, giving a new lease of life to your Ecomfy couch. That is not only more cost-effective but, equally important, a kinder option to our planet's eco system.

Reusability and recyclability

All materials and packaging used for our Ecomfy Couch are 100% recyclable. We use reforested wood and recycled and recycable boxes. Fabric used for interchangeable covers are high quality recycled fabrics. Everything from the hardwood used, fabric, coil springs, hardware and the packaging is 100% sustainable. Kickstarter backers can put their box directly in the recycling bin.

Sustainable materials

Throughout sourcing and manufacturing, we will be looking at several different options in low-impact materials. Our choice to use only reforested wood to build our durable and robust frames goes on to show our commitment to care for mother earth.

Environmentally friendly factory

In manufacturing Ecomfy Couch our goal is to always find new strategies and innovations, in lowering our environmental footprint and keeping the damage to our climate to a minimum. Pollutants, both chemical and biological will not be used in the manufacturing of our products.

Sustainable Distribution

Implementing sustainable strategies and approaches play a huge role in product development, manufacturing and fulfillment. All aspects of our business practices must work in sync in order for us to achieve a sustainable plan. In order to achieve our sustainable goal, we’ve already started implementing several different sustainable and environmentally friendly measures.

1. Offsetting carbon emissions through our environmental practices and initiatives (using reforested wood and automation in manufacturing)

2. Shipping items in bulk and to fewer distribution centers

3. Utilize sustainable packaging that is recycled and can be repurposed.

4. Recycle on behalf of your suppliers

5. Reducing the size of our packaging (Couch in a box)

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